Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to save and print the worksheets?

You will get the highest resolution (sharpest print and images) by clicking on the PDF option.

This does take more time to download and may not be practical if you have dial-up or a slow Internet connection. You may also “right click” on the image of the worksheet and save it to your desktop (or other folder). Then you may print from the JPEG image. Although the quality will be a little less sharp than the PDF, you will probably find it quite acceptable.


What will I need to view and print a PDF?

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader, which many computers already have. If you do not have Acrobat, you may download it free by clicking the link below:





Is this Free Phonics Worksheets site safe from viruses and adware?

Absolutely. Rock ’N Learn maintains this site with utmost caution and integrity. Rock ’N Learn is a leading producer of children’s educational video and audio, in business since 1986. We sponsor and maintain this site as a free service and to help raise awareness of our programs. We would not engage in any malicious or aggressive marketing activities that would tarnish our outstanding reputation. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We promise that you will have no viruses or adware installed on your computer as a result of visiting this site or using our worksheets.


Do I have to purchase a Rock ’N Learn phonics video or audio & book program to use these worksheets?

No. Although the worksheets go right along with Rock ’N Learn Phonics audio and video programs, they are extremely useful as a learning tool to compliment any phonics-based reading curriculum. We certainly encourage you to visit to learn more about our programs, but it is not a requirement that you have our programs to benefit from these free phonics worksheets.


How do I know what order to use the worksheets?

The worksheets are numbered 1-81 and correspond to the skills in the title of each heading.

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